Breast cancer

Facing a cancer diagnosis can appear to be one of the most difficult things to deal with. A million thoughts, worries and scenarios will be running through your mind. It’s totally normal to feel like that. But you’re not alone. Together with your family and friends, we’re here. Your care is our focus, every step of the way. We believe care should be available when and where you need it most and it should be designed to help give you the best life outcomes possible. Over 90% of patients treated by our team are back to their normal life with little impact on their life span.

Today, breast cancer is usually diagnosed at an early stage when it is still confined to the breast and regional nodes. Here, we focus on stage 0 (ductal carcinoma in situ), I, II and IIIA disease, with a concise overview that will aid understanding of the risk of developing breast cancer, the essentials of diagnosis and preoperative assessment and the current approach to treatment and follow-up.


Use Fast Facts: Early Breast Cancer to follow clear diagnostic and treatment pathways, from screening and symptomatic presentation, through triple assessment diagnosis, to treatment and follow-up. 

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