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Patient stories and press coverage. Featuring text and image (scans of newspaper/mag articles) versions.

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Breast Cancer treated with TARGIT-IORT treated in Swindon

Mrs L.A., Swindon, UK

“Travelling for miles and miles every day for up to four weeks to receive radiotherapy is a massive ordeal. There are not many people who can just take it in their stride.
I’m so pleased that I did not have to endure that strain.”

Her story was published in the Daily Mail

Patient who had breast cancer was treated with TARGIT-IORT

A patient's story

"I am a psychotherapist and my work which maintaining ongoing relationships with people.  When I discovered I had breast cancer I was concerned about the long term effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and managing to keep my work going; it would have been impossible if I had followed the usual route.  I was lucky to be eligible for intraoperative radiotherapy – and as it wasn’t available to me on the NHS – to be able to afford it. 


I found that the operation and targeted radiotherapy meant that I was able to return to work within 2 weeks.  The effects of the radiotherapy and operation were relatively minimal, my energy returned quickly and within a month I felt back to my usual level.  Intraoperative radiotherapy enabled my cancer treatment to cause minimal disruption to my life and work and furthermore has meant that the radiotherapy has been confined to the area  it is meant to treat, rather than risking damage to other organs.  I am infinitely grateful to have been able to take this option."

Kirsty Lang writes in Mail on Sunday about intraoperative radiotherapy

Kirsty Lang for the Mail on Sunday
Feburary 2017

"My operation went so smoothly that I felt like a bit of a fraud.

I went under the knife at lunchtime and by late afternoon I was told the tumour had been successfully removed and there was no sign of the cancer having spread.

I didn’t even stay overnight and I was back presenting Front Row on Radio 4 six days later.

For the next couple of weeks, I walked around with a spring in my step."

Rita Rose "Me and My operation"
December 2013

"I arrived for my operation in November 2009. I was anxious, of course. But when I woke from the anaesthetic three hours later I felt fine. There was just a small dressing on my breast. And amazingly — no pain or side-effects......


Sadly, in January 2012, I was asked to go back to hospital after another mammogram found cancer in my right breast. ...

But I knew exactly what treatment I wanted. I asked him to let me have Targit again. Thankfully the doctors agreed to give it to me outside the trial: I was euphoric.

I had the treatment in February, and was back home the same day. Instead of tamoxifen, I was prescribed Anastrozole, which reduces the oestrogen in the body. I’ve had no side-effects so far.

Rita Rose Me and My operation
Marcelle Bernstein A revolution in breas

Marcelle Bernstein "A revolution in breast cancer therapy" November 2013

"Certainly for me, being offered TARGIT was a godsend. It meant I could avoid the trauma and exhaustion of travelling to hospital daily for weeks of radiotherapy; and I suffered none of the side effects of standard radiotherapy such as local tenderness, swelling, reduced range of movement or change in breast appearance.

In late August, in a three-hour operation, I had a lumpectomy. While still under general anaesthetic, I also received 30 minutes of TARGIT. I spent one night in hospital, and then I walked away, all treatment completed. There were no weeks of radiotherapy appointments to worry about and no endless hours spent waiting in hospital. I was back at work as a journalist within weeks."

Petipa ‘Peppy’ Begueria "Me and my operation" April 2011

"On the day of the operation, August 5, 2010, I was quite nervous but I just wanted to say goodbye to the cancer.

When I came round, I touched my breast. I didn’t feel sore at all and I didn’t need much pain relief. I had a small scar on the outside of

I didn’t need much pain relief. I had a small scar on the outside of my breast where the surgeon had removed the lump, and one under my armpit where they had taken some lymph nodes.

I went home the next day, and two days later I was out at the cinema with Peter. Friends and family told me I looked radiant — not at all like a cancer patient."

"I had my op on Thursday and I was at the gym on Sunday morning.  I felt great and had no discomfort."

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