Worldwide adoption of TARGeted Intraoperative radioTherapy TARGIT IORT for breast cancer

After publication of the results of the TARGIT-A trial results, TARGIT IORT has been increasingly used around the world. It is currently available in over 250 centres in five continents. In the summer of 2015, a survey was prepared, sent out and analysed with the help of Uma Vaidya and Lilly Bao. The figure below gives the data from about half of these centres (125/250) who had replied to the survey by October 2015, in reply to the question: ‘How many patients have you treated with TARGIT IORT?’. The total number of patients treated in these 125 centres was 11740. Thus it is reasonable to say that about 20,000 patients have been already treated around the world with this approach.

Countries using Intrabeam TARGIT IORT are shown in this map

Intrabeam TARGIT IORT is available for breast cancer patients in these countries

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