Media coverage of 5-year results of TARGIT-A trial of TARGIT IORT for breast cancer published in the Lancet on 11 Nov 2013

August 12, 2019



Daily Telegraph: A revolution in breast cancer therapy Results from a major trial of TARGIT are published today in The Lancet, and suggest that it could revolutionise breast cancer treatment.  TARGIT Telegraph e-paper – The Daily Telegraph – 11 Nov 2013 – Page #26


Daily Mail: One-stop breast cancer treatment: Radiation breakthrough will help thousands


Herald Scotland: Radiotherapy after surgery could aid breast cancer recovery


Daily Mail:    Me and my operation: The one-stop breast cancer op that spares women weeks of radiotherapy Actual A3 size

Other Medical Journals

Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology: Research Highlights  Targeted intraoperative radiotherapy – one pit stop for breast cancer treatment

News channels on the web

ASCO POST Targeted Intraoperative Radiotherapy Concurrent With Lumpectomy Non-inferior to External-Beam Radiotherapy in Preventing Local Breast Cancer Recurrence


MedPage Today: Radiation at Surgery Equal to Whole-Breast RT


Medscape: ‘One-Stop’ Radiotherapy Saves Time With Breast Cancer

Medical News Today: Breast cancer radiotherapy during surgery could ease treatment


The Information Daily: Targeted radiotherapy during surgery vital for breast cancer recovery


Doctors Lounge: Intraoperative Radiotherapy Promising for Breast Cancer

Monthly Prescribing Reference: Intraoperative Radiotherapy Promising for Breast Cancer Targeted radiotherapy could offer viable alternative to current …


Medical Breast Cancer: Intraoperative vs Whole Breast Radiotherapy


medicalphysicsweb Targeted radiotherapy is a viable option

ecancerNews “One-stop” radiotherapy could offer an alternative to lengthy and inconvenient post-surgery procedures for breast cancer


Today Topics “One-stop” radiotherapy could offer an alternative to lengthy and inconvenient post-surgery procedures for breast cancer


Irish Medical Times One-stop radiotherapy for breast cancer


Institution news

UCL News New system of radiotherapy

UCLH News Single dose radiotherapy could transform breast cancer care: A ‘single shot’ of radiation could revolutionise breast cancer treatment in the NHS according to the findings of a 13-year study.

Whittington Health News ‘One-step’ procedure may offer alternative to lengthy radiotherapy sessions   and Catchup Newletter  PDF


National Institute of Health Research Department of Health Intraoperative Radiation for Breast Cancer Study in The Lancet


Altmetrics which measures online attention, as of 18 November 2013, puts this paper in 99% centile of all 1.6 million papers it has ever tracked – and it is in the 98% centile amongst all articles in the Lancet – click here to see the latest Altmetric on the TARGIT-A 2013 Lancet paper





Central Chinese Television –  British “one-stop” breast cancer treatment can shorten the course of radiotherapy for breast cancer TARGIT for Breast Cancer





AudioMedica | Oncology Times | MDFM news: BREAST CANCER: Intraoperative radiotherapy at the time of lumpectomy is as effective as whole breast irradiation with fewer non-cancer deaths

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