Long-term efficacy of TARGIT-IORT for breast cancer confirmed

The long-term results of the randomised trial testing the revolutionary procedure - TARGIT-IORT were published by the British Medical Journal on 19 August 2020

Single dose radiotherapy given during lumpectomy for breast cancer (TARGIT-IORT) was found to be as good as conventional post-operative radiotherapy for most women with early breast cancer.

In addition, TARGIT-IORT leads to fewer deaths from causes other than breast cancer, such as heart attacks, lung problems and other cancers.

A short video explains the results

Here is the press-release from University College London that explains the results


The scientific summary is shown below - click on it to see the original paper on the BMJ website.

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Summary of the long-term results of the TARGIT-A trial
TARGIT-IORT: a quick and effective treatment for breast cancer

These results were widely reported in the media such as the lead article in the Times, London, UK, and on social networks