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Managing Breast Cancer During COVID-19

Being affected by breast cancer can be very worrying at any time, but it is particularly stressful at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are the key things you need to know about breast cancer and COVID-19.

managing breast cancer

Breast Cancer Screening and COVID-19

  • Cancer screening has been delayed during the COVID-19 lock down

  • You will be invited for a screening appointment when the program can restart safely

  • Remember that breast cancer screening is only for people without symptoms. If you have symptoms, you should get in touch with your doctor or specialist.

What if I Find a Lump in My Breast During COVID-19?

  • You should consult a doctor if you notice a lump or any other symptoms of breast cancer

  • Online consultations can be arranged in the first instance

  • You can still travel to attend medical appointments during the lock down, if necessary

  • Don’t attend the appointment if you develop symptoms or have to self-isolate because another member of your household is ill or if you are asked to “Shield “

  • Check your breasts as usual so you can spot any changes

  • Possible signs of breast cancer include lumps, changes in texture, discharge from the nipples, swelling, a retracted nipple, or skin dimpling , scaly or red skin on the nipple and sometimes just localized and persistent pain

Breast Cancer Treatment and COVID-19

  • Some breast cancer treatments may be delayed to reduce the risk to your health, but this will depend on your health and the type of treatment you need

  • If you’ve recently had treatments such as chemotherapy or immunotherapy then you may be at higher risk from COVID-19 as your immune system can be weakened for a while

  • Your doctor will inform you if you need to take extra precautions against COVID-19, which could include shielding yourself at home

  • Online consultations are available if you need to talk to your doctor about your treatment or any other concern


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